Farm Watch is a fully automated, computer based SMS Alert service which turns your cellphone into a MOBILE PANIC BUTTON so you can instantly alert family members, neighboring farms and others to any life threatening situation. In the event of a real life emergency, many different parties can be notified simultaneously at the push of a single button from your cellphone.

Answer these questions...

  • Are you aware of the high crime rates and farm attacks in South Africa?
  • Do you want to STACK THE ODDS in your favour?
  • Do you ever travel after dark?
  • Do you ever come home to an empty house?
  • Are you the breadwinner in your family?
  • Would you like to be part of the crime prevention solution?
  • Do you ever worry about the safety of your family?
  • Can you afford R1 per day to protect your family?
  • How much are you willing to pay for peace of mind for your family?
  • Has someone in the area been a victim of crime?
  • Have you been a victim of crime?