There is a once off Registration fee of R99, plus R30 per month thereafter. There is no cancellation fee, and the Subscriber can ancel the service at any time provided the account is not in arrears.


Your first debit order will be R129.00 (R99.00 + R30.00) as mentioned above. Thereafter you pay R30.00 per month and should you make use of our airtime top up facility via SMS, we will adjust your next debit order accordingly.


We offer farmers and members of affiliated organisations an exclusive Double DEAL, which means your entire family can be added (up to 5 members) for the cost of just two registration fees (R198.00) and then R39.00 per month total, thereafter.

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If you're a member of a Farmers Union, Co-operative or Neighborhood Watch, or if you live in a security complex in a town or City, we are able to provide a FREE BULK SMS communication service to all your members. This means that the Chairman of your organisation would have the ability to activate a bulk SMS from his cellphone and "Broadcast" it FREE to the entire group that are listed as members of such an organisation.