How long does it take for my Emergency messages to be sent?

All messages are sent within seconds of being received by our computer, and normally all get delivered within 10 to 15 seconds, depending on Network congestion in your area.

How will anyone know where I am?

Most of your respondents know your general movements. Your husband, wife, business partner etc. All know where you live and work. In the event you push a Panic Button, these people are able to take intelligent steps to locate you or can take other action as required.

How do I pay for the service?

FARMWATCH will run a debit order on your bank account each month, and will deduct the monthly subscription and the cost of any Airtime you may have taken.

How much Airtime can I buy from your system each month?

The default amount for monthly airtime to our customers is R150.00 but call us if you use more Airtime than that each month and we can discuss an adjustment.

How do I use the SMS broadcast?

A person who is a member of a farming organisation or HOA or such like, may want to use the FREE bulk SMS service offered by FARM WATCH. Then, certain members e.g. committee members are given a special number where they can send a "Broadcast" SMS which will be relayed immediately to all members in the group. This is a very powerful tool and can be used effectively to combat crime by alerting the entire neighborhood when necessary.

Will the service still work if I have no Airtime on my phone?

Although you activate the PANIC ALERT by making a TOLL FREE call, your phone does need to have a small amount of Airtime in order to connect briefly to our server. Once we see your phone ringing we instantly disconnect the call and send all the Emergency messages for you. So always keep a little Airtime on your phone in case of a real emergency. And remember, we can instantly deliver Airtime on credit to members who need it, via SMS.

If I order Airtime, how long will it take for me to get it?

Airtime delivery takes about 12 seconds.

If I order Airtime will it recharge my phone automatically?

No, we send you a Recharge PIN number which you will simply dial into your phone, just like with a printed voucher. Your new balance will be displayed

How will you know if I have ported?
(Moved to another Network)

If you ever change Networks, just call us and tell us your new Network so we can send the correct voucher in future.

Can I order Airtime from my phone for the rest of my family?

Yes, there are some short codes that will allow ordering of different vouchers. Call us on 0861778800 for additional info.