The first step is Registration. We call you back and get you registered in minutes. There are no credit checks and you can not be turned down. Have your list of respondents ready for us to capture on our computer.

Set Up Speed Dailing

Add the FARMWATCH Activation number *31#0836786872 to your Phone Book and then set it as a Speed Dial on your phone, preferably on button 5 but you can use any number.

Use the menus on your handset to activate Speed Dialing.

Now you are prepared. In a real life emergency, simply press the SPEED DIAL number 5 and then the call button.

You will now be ringing the FARMWATCH computer. As soon as your cellular number is recognized the incoming call will be dropped (therefore costing you nothing).

FARMWATCH then sends out the emergency SMS's on your behalf to your listed respondents.

This saves you precious time in a real emergency. There is no additional cost for the SMS messages sent.

The emergency message reads:

EMERGENCY ALERT: Joe Bloggs on 0767995316 has activated a panic alarm
from their cell phone and needs HELP. Respond urgently.

Make sure the respondents you list know what action is expected of them if you use the PANIC BUTTON in a REAL LIFE EMERGENCY.